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What Not To Do When Trying to Attract Someone & How To Recognize Abusive Tactics Being Used On You

There are a lot of strategies out there and advice for attracting the one. My purpose in sharing this blog is to help give you skills that will help you be your most attractive self so that you can find real love. While you can practice building skills, you should never try to manipulate or control someone because that is not real love and will not lead to finding real love.

In my years of research I have come across some tactics that are disturbing to me. You can find them on social media videos, blogs, and I recently saw an advertisement for a book about these. They usually have darker titles such as how to seduce someone or how to make someone obsessed with you. The schemes they suggest include things such as send mixed signals, show interest in someone else, make them question, mess with their self worth, make them depressed, find their weakness, create confusion, be unreliable, present with a dark and forbidden aura, mix pleasure with pain, pull back, inflict pain, put them in a situation where they need to be rescued, etc. (I almost actually gagged while writing these because of how much they disgust me.)

Beware of these types of tactics and anyone who uses them. These behaviors are simply, straight up emotional abuse. If you are using these tactics-stop! You are being abusive and you will only attract an unhealthy individual. A healthy individual will recognize these type of tactics for how toxic they are and will not be interested in dating you. If anyone is using these tactics on you--get far away from them! These behaviors show you just how toxic, manipulative, controlling, and selfish this person is who is simply using you to gain power over you for their own personal gain. They do not have your best interests at heart.

A person who cares about you will show they care and will express that they care and will treat you with care. They will not want to put you in an uncomfortable situation. They will not want you to feel pain or confusion or question your self-worth in any way. They will build you up and help you see your great value.

You may come across people who display one or two of these behaviors, such as pulling back because of uncertainty or for other innocent reasons, but if you see a pattern or multiple of these behaviors, I'd suggest you run for the hills.

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