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Tips to Create a Successful Online Dating Profile

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Let's Talk Photos

It's good to have photos that show different, fun sides of you and that show you engaging in your interests. They say a photo equals a thousand words. I also recommend having at least one nice photo that looks professional, where you are dressed nice. Otherwise it doesn't look like you're serious about your profile or taking dating seriously.

Make sure they can see your eyes and full face in at least some of your photos. It comes off as very insecure if you don't show yourself in any of your photos. Eyes are the window to the soul and people want to see your eyes to see who you are. Don't have part of your face cut off in the photo. This shows people you are not comfortable with who you are or with your looks. It does not instill confidence in you from the person who is looking at your profile.

Don't have the photo too close. People trust you less if your photo is too close, it feels like you're up in their personal space too much. Plus, those selfies with your face taking up the whole frame are just not as attractive.

Selfies are not generally a good look but if you are positing a selfie, make sure it is more from above, not down below. People don't want to look up into your nostrils when seeing your photo for the first time, this is not a good look for anyone.

Photos should be recent and show what you really look like. It would make a really awkward first date if they couldn't even find or recognize you when you meet up for the first time.

Lighting is important. Don't have dark shadows across your face that make you look scary.

Smile! Look like you're having fun and enjoying life, not taking a mug shot for prison.

Show photos that will actually attract the gender you are trying to attract. Remember you are trying to attract them, not yourself. I have seen endless amounts of guys' profiles who are looking for a woman but post photos of things that most women are not as interested in, like a photo of just their car, and I can't help but wonder if they are trying to attract a man or a woman.

Keep it Brief, But Not Too Brief

Save some information for the date and leave them wanting more. But do have enough basic information on there that can help filter out those who would not be a match for you. Don't leave your profile blank because this shows such little effort and is not impressive to the person looking at it.

Tell a little about you and the top priorities of what you are looking for

Keep it Light and Fun

Keep it positive. Don't go off on angry rants, that is not attractive and is a big red flag.

Show your fun personality through quick descriptions or real life stories. Show, don't tell. Tell a story that showcases your personality, or one that makes an emotional connection. It's more interesting to say "one time I won an award for most appreciated service" than "I like to help people" or "one time my bike broke down in the middle of the jungle" rather than "I like adventures" or "I like to travel."

When you're messaging people it is also important to keep it light, fun, classily flirtatious, and kind.

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