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How To Know If They're Interested & How To Show Interest

Masculine and Feminine Energies

A man or a woman can have either of these energies and it's about finding the balance between the two energies. Masculine energy is pushing, pursuing, and direct. Feminine energy is pulling, receiving, nurturing, and gentle. If you want to attract someone with a masculine energy, you need to be more in your feminine energy. If you are in your masculine energy, you will likely attract someone with a more feminine energy. Both are actively working to attract, but in different ways.

How Masculine Energy Shows Interest

The singer Kylie Morgan states the hard truth clearly in her song "If he wanted to, he would."

"If he loved you, he would tell you

If he missed you, he would call

If he wants you to meet his momma

Then he would bring you home.

Oh, there ain't no excuse,

He ain't Mr. Misunderstood.

Quit lying to yourself,

If he wanted to, he would."

He Will Date You

Men tend to be pretty straightforward and obvious with their intentions when they're interested. If he is interested in you he will be asking you on dates and pursuing you. He will make the effort, and put in the time. The amount of effort a man puts towards you demonstrates how much he values you.

He will text you after the date to thank you for your time and will follow up to plan another date.

He Will Do Nice Gestures For You

If a man values you he will do nice gestures. It won't be him just giving you some leftover thing he had or wanting to come over and hang out casually at first. He will put effort and time into you. Last summer I held a large backyard party. Some guys showed up, some did not, some had really good excuses for not being there and others had less great excuses. The one guy I knew was interested was the one who asked me if he could bring something to the party. He then asked what my favorite dessert was. Being a bit snarky I told him a specific type of milkshake because I knew he wouldn't be able to bring that to the party. On the day of the party he was the first person to show up on the doorstep. In one hand he had a dessert to share at the party and in his other hand, an individual milkshake of my favorite type. He found a way to make it happen. I was very impressed and not surprised when he asked me out a couple weeks later.

He Will Make Time For You

He will not be too busy or have excuses, he will simply take the time to text you, talk with you, and see you.

How the Feminine Energy Shows Interest

How does she respond to your gestures? I'm not talking about love bombing with overly fancy gifts or a dozen red roses because those will scare her away if you do too big of things before you know her well. Nice gestures, such as a nice date, some simple flowers, spending time with her, texting and calling her, and getting to know her are how the masculine can show interest. Does she respond and seem more interested after you do these things for her or does she act more distant and scared? If she becomes more distant or scared after nice gestures, she is not interested. If she expresses appreciation and accepts your efforts, she is interested. Remember, the feminine energy is more about pulling in and accepting, so when you're getting to know each other she will not be doing much of the pursuing or pushing. If she is accepting your efforts, she is showing interest.

She will laugh at your jokes, compliment you, and support you in your efforts.

Masculine or Feminine

Do they seem happy to see you? Do they brighten up and smile when they are around you?

Do they ask questions about you? This shows they really want to get to know you. There is a difference between the questions someone asks who is just trying to see if you're dating or marriage material than someone who is genuinely interested in you as a person. The person who is interested in you as an individual will want to hear about your interests. After they find out your passions they will make an effort to ask you more about them. Once you know someone's passion, spending time with this passion is a sort of love language to that person and shows them the other person is willing to be part of their world. Are you into art? They will find ways to talk with you about art.

They will also ask follow up questions to your answers to try and get to know you more.

They will speak your love language. If you don't know what someone's love language is then you can try something from all of the 5 love languages to show interest. Find simple and non-creepy ways to touch them, compliment them and ask them questions, spend time with them, give a simple gift, find a way to serve them. Once you know their love language this becomes easier and you can focus more on their specific way they feel loved.

Remember that confident flirting does not always equal interest. In fact, most of the time when someone is really into you they tend to become more shy or awkward. What type of personality do they have? Are they loud and boisterous or more quiet and reserved? Take that into account when trying to gauge interest.

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