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6 Dating Profile Red Flags

Updated: Apr 16

Swiping through a sea of profiles can feel overwhelming. One quick way to eliminate the time wasters is to know what to look for in a dating profile. That way you can swipe down and not waste your time, thus giving you more time to dedicate to the person who will love and appreciate you. Here are some red flags to be aware of when looking at potential dates' profiles.

1. Their Pictures Don't Show a Good View of Them or Show Questionable Things

If their pictures have very few mega pixels, they may either be very old photos, or they may be trying to hide what they look like. If none of their pictures show their eyes or full face this looks sketchy, or at the very least, insecure. If they only have one photo, this has potential to either be a scammer or someone who is not putting enough effort into their dating profile to take it seriously. Photos that look unnaturally attractive and fake could also be a potential scammer. I personally don't like mirror pics or if all the pictures are selfies because this looks like they are not taking the effort to make their profile look nice and may be someone who is more interested in a hookup than something serious. This can also be true of people who have too many swimsuit photos.

Questionable photos would be someone showing a wedding ring, someone in a photo with another person of the gender they're trying to attract that looks like a couples photo, or an obvious crop-out of someone that looked like part of a couples photo.

2. Not Showing Effort

In addition to the lack of effort in photos, you can also see a lack of effort in their bio. If there is no bio this is a red flag that could potentially be a scammer or someone not taking dating too seriously. If there are typos, this is a big no for me. If they can't take the effort to proofread their bio then I'm not interested. Joking about their job and education and not taking anything on their profile seriously is a sign for me that they're not serious about finding true love. Words like "casual," "just here to have fun," or "add me on insta or snap" are others signs to look out for.

3. Negativity

This could be about dating, the opposite sex, exes, or past experiences. They most likely still have some healing to do to in order to move past a former experience or ex. Any sexist comments are a red flag, or comments that show any disrespect for the gender they are looking to date. Things that annoy them about dating or others in a dating situation are red flags as well. They should be telling what they want, not what they don't want.

4. Phrases to Watch Out For

"I want someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously" could be someone setting up a situation where they can gaslight you and call you too dramatic if you call them out on something, or justify their abusive behavior if they make fun of you or belittle you in any way.

People will tell you who they are on their profiles, so believe them. Do they say something negative about themselves? Believe it. If they say they're only on there for fun don't expect anything else.

5. Too Arrogant or Insecure About Being on a Dating Site

If someone says "I never thought I'd be on here, but here I am" or "thought I'd just check this out," this is a sign that they think they are better than all the rest of us on the dating apps or that they're not really wanting to be on there, or insecure about being on there. If you want someone confident rather than arrogant or insecure, this is not your person.

6. Overly Obsessed With Fitness

I would hope someone has more to their life than just this. I also don't want someone who is too concerned about their appearance because they will probably be concerned about the appearance of the person they date as well, and will expect them to stay perfectly fit. Anyone who is overly obsessed with physical fitness could have unrealistic expectations for your physical appearance.

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